About KM of NOVA

New KM of NoVAWelcome to our Kapatiran Mandirigma of DC/VA/MD group. Our main headquarter is in Colorado headed by GM Shelley Millspaugh.  Our head instructor is Kapatid (Brother) Jhun Occidental with the help of Tom Saysithideth and Roel Vera. Please help us spread Filipino Martial Arts and its beauty and peacefulness through friendship and brotherhood.

KM of DC/MD/VA would like to thank all our influences and teachers. Those are any KM Instructors, GGM Ernesto Presas, GGM Remy Presas, GM Lazo, GM Shelley Millspaugh, GM Bobby Taboada, Shihan Danny Occidental, Tatang Ilustrisimo, Master Tony Diego, Kuya Arnold Narzo and any other Guro, Masters and GM’s that gave us knowledge to promote the art. We do our very best to always give credit when credit is due. Pugay

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